B-double – 27/04/2011

I think I’ll christen today the B-double. Just coz it was a big one.

110k on the road bike before I hit the desk this morning. Horny and I ventured down with the Wednesday long group to the Two Bays loop.

I managed to pull some pretty big turns with Danny Kah on the way back resulting in a pat on the back and a “well done big fella” from the esteemed man! Always happy with that from Danny.

I backed it up with a Fatties ride tonight…

I knew Angles (Vanders) was coming so that helped motivate me to get there. Plus the opporunity to try out some new Exposure lights compliments of Cycleworks on a beautiful clear night was too much to pass up.

Not being happy with the suite of excuses I had lined up for Neil in preparation for getting flogged around Hans’s Loop, I decided the best course was to rip a whole in the side of my tubeless tyre. It doesn’t happen too often thankfully but when it does, it’s good to have a heap of mates on hand to get you out of trouble. A tube from Jacob (since mine was knackered), a pump from Neil and a hand from Gav had me back up and running again just so I could get a flogging coming back along the Westerfolds track!

Screaming legs at cadence of about 130 on the SS behind Neil!

Vanders and I made it back to the starting point all in good shape… until he rolled off and ripped a big hole in his side-wall. Good one! No point fixing that so I dropped him off, cruised home and collapsed.

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