Cycling with our boys – 20/04/2011

The Box Hill boys in Bright

I had been very keen on the Bright mountain bike night ride tonight. I get very excited when I’m up here on a Wednesday night but the solid rain since lunchtime put an end to the idea.

Despite that, we got a fantastic ride in with the boys today. Steve, Lochie, Jack and I headed out to the Red Stag restaurant at the deer farm near Eurobin where we met the rest of our families. It was a very pleasant 15k ride and both boys made it with ease. Champions in the making!…

A couple of quite steep pinches near the end had them both in the hurt box but Jack and Lochie pushed hard in their smallest gears with plenty of hooting and hollering from the dads! They made it to the top with smiles on their faces and plenty of energy to get around the farm.

Three stags

The rain hit shortly after this so smashing out some high threshold stuff with the Bright boys was soon off the cards.

It was a great day for our boys though and some great exposure for Cycleworks in the north east!

This is Steve saying, Cycleworks… number one!”.

This is him walking up a hill trying to look like he’s doing a mono. Shhhhhhhh…….


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