The pleasures of King Lake – 3/4/11

Just a very slightly sad moment yesterday when I had to give all my carbon back. These frames have given me great pleasure so it was with some regret that I returned them to Bikepro. Andy should have his shiny new model ready for me to collect in the near future.

I had the opportunity to remind myself of the properties of carbon as I rode the 15k or so on Duke’s bike from Smiths to Warrantdyte. It prompted recent memories of the super-rigid material and full feed-back from the road.

With my now extensive experience on ti (tongue in cheek) I can say that as far as feel on the road, ti is to carbon what carbon is to alloy. Horny wondered at my description of my bike feeling like a lounge chair. It’s fair dinkum that comfortable!

There must be something good about it coz The Duke has been on the web all day researching prices for a Lynskey frame!

And in case you’re wondering, I did mention this to Karen today…

A group of twelve 6am-ers headed out to King Lake today for a wonderful day on the bike. The rain held off on a day where we welcomed Dev back for the entire ride and had Rocket and Cam in company for most of the route out.

The Smiths Gully General Store and Bakery welcomed us with their normal open arms and we enjoyed carbs and caffeine after smashing out a pretty big effort up the main climb.

What I particularly loved about today was the very long and powerful 6am-er train which stayed together for the majority of the climb and surprised many relatively fit clean-skin riders as they were over-run by a strong uniformed group.

Grouse! Our coffee and chat was well deserved.

120k road – pretty solid-hard.


One thought on “The pleasures of King Lake – 3/4/11

  1. And what about the ripping return run! And of course the kl descent…mmm love that one!
    Great day out…still feeling it today though.

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