Preparing for the Games?.. maybe not – 30/3/11

After my efforts of Saturday I don’t think I would have been capable of riding on Sunday or Monday so I didn’t. Even by Tuesday morning I was questioning my ability to get around The Hurtbox in any respectable fashion.

It worked well from my perspective though. I sat on the back with Dom for the whole ride and cruised through to St. Kilda without too many issues. A nice roll.

Four guys went for a ride around the GP track whilst it was still closed to traffic and joined us for merriment later (left).

I used my prize money (“prize money… woo hoo!) to shout coffee and toast to those remaining in thanks for their support on Saturday. Afterall, the plan was hatched in this very coffee shop! (Sorry GP guys, I can get your coffee next week)

A 33k commute home on the SS road bike finished me off for Tuesday.

100k – SS – road.

This morning I headed down to North Road with Bob the Builder and Big Horn. We took the longer Two Bays train from Mordy and headed down the highway with a bunch of 20+. I used to do this ride often with usually about 8-10 riders. I was a bit surprised by the size of the group and it made for some pretty competitive riding through the hilly loop around Canadian Bay Road and Two Bays Road.

A very fast return, mostly with Andy Naylor and I rolling turns on the front (Frankston to Mordy… mostly Andy!!) then a few more contributors back to town had me pretty much finished off for the day and not feeling very prepared for racing tomorrow.

A good hard 120k before arriving at my desk for 9am. Not a bad hit-out.

I was very happy to receive some accolades from Dave Sturt (Steggles) this morning after Saturdays result. I have a lot of respect for the guy as a bike rider and a racer so to receive positive comments from him feels good.

The Emergency Services MTB race will keep me busy tomorrow and I hope for a good result. That’s if my legs are even still there after this morning. Far out!


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