Hurt Box and consulting the oracle – 15/03/11

Ok I admit it… I got a little bit too excited going up Rickett’s today simply coz I could see Horny was in significant pain. I saw his face was contorted and I could hear his heart beat sitting just under 200 so I hit the gas. Really… who could blame me?

I’m sorry boys.

I have personally consulted my oracle Yetti for objective opinion and forgiveness if required.

I did back off and allow the group to come back together over the top, but not before being castigated by Brenton for doing something I’ve had a couple of goes at him for in recent months.

“Don’t attack through this ride!”, “Pull ya head in whipper snapper!”, “Get back in your place young fella!” – are just some of the phrases I’ve aimed at him lately throughout The Hurt Box. So he didn’t hesitate to give it to me for hurting him so. Poor little man.

It was another great day at the 6am-er Hurt Box with a good solid turn-out, some hard riding and great company. Except for El (aka El Mantes, Bob) of course. The poor fella ended up getting a cab home after blowing out somewhere around Black Rock and not yelling loud enough.

Probably a bit amiss of us not to notice his flat but geez Bob, we’re 6am-ers! We will always come to your aid when you need it. No need for a cab when you have a mobile phone and we’re just up the road.

Good riding, good coffee, good toast, good company. Thanks fellas.

For me it was a big day Saturday, a big day Monday and then a big day today with another 40k home. Just a wee bit twired and needing a bit of a rest.

Full day of recovery tomorrow in order to ready myself for the Fatties bunch tomorrow evening. Miss them. Can’t wait.

100+ k – single speed road bike


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