There’s no better way to describe today’s ride than a Classic 6am-er day in the ‘nongs.

Every ride is good but as I’ve said before, sometimes I just get home thinking, “That was just fantastic!” In-fact usually I’d throw a naughty word in there somewhere but mum and Aunty Jan read this so I have to be good.

This is the first of two re-groupings at the top of Sky High this morning. Mostly still smiling.

On our second visit to Sky High someone was heard to inquire “What now?”, to which Brave felt the need to respond, “I think we should EAT FOOD.”

Fair enough you might say? At that stage I reckon we’d done at least 1500m of climbing and not at a very relaxed pace.

As for 21 Tooth’s comment as we looped down to pick him up 300 metres from the second Sky High summit – “Did you want us to go to the top or turn around here?” I simply leave you with this…

Mick… You’re a 6am-er. What do you reckon we want you to do?
(It won’t be long and he’ll be first up anyway)

In between Sky High visits I got to check out the descending characteristics of the Lynskey. My first real chance. It’s a lovely bike to ride and I’d say going downhill is a strength. It’s forgiving (like a BMW GS1150) and just screams at you to crank it over further in the twisty bits. At one stage I had Bender and El Mantese listening to my heart beat and my breathing as I tweaked the breaks to stay away from them in a sharp left-hander. Once again, brilliant.

Ok. I’ll shut up about the Lynskey now.

This shot of the group (above) getting back together at the bottom of the descent to Montrose. A couple of us took the opportunity to have a nature break as others observed the local div-van wander past and stop.

I later advised that if they pull us up to chat about it just ask them what the offenders were wearing.

It was a rare day where pure 6am-ers were in attendanence. Not a clean-skin in sight and everyone in blue and yellow. Identity may have been a slight issue, however if required I’m sure those at fault would have fessed.

Reasonable coffee and excellent fellowship at the Black Kettle invigorated a smash down the 1:20 followed by some nice solid turns most of the way back.

As Duke was later heard to Tweet… is about, good solid riding, sweat on the brow, no teammates left behind & a coffee 🙂


  • Burwood Hwy – Mad Mile (Upper FTG) to Belgrave – Kallista – Perrins – Olinda – Mt. Dandenong – Sky High.
  • Down the Tourist Road to Montrose – York Road – Inverness (Slaughterhouse) – Up the Tourist Road – Falls Road – Ridge Road – Sky High.
  • 1:20 – Mountain Highway – Burwood Highway to home.

Climbs – one big one or:

  1. Mad Mile (Upper FTG to Puffing Billy round-a-bout)
  2. Belgrave to Kallista round-a-bout
  3. Perrins Creek
  4. Olinda Crescent – Tourist Road – Ridge Road to Sky High

– then one big one or:

  1. Slaughterhouse (Inverness Road)
  2. Tourist Road – Falls Road – Ridge Road to Sky High

4 thoughts on “‘nongs

  1. Sounds like one right out of the box Rich. Perfect weather this morning that's for sure. We were up in Healesville for the weekend and I rode up Chum Creek Rd to KL, returning via Menzies Creek Rd. Some magic scenery there, but nowhere near as fun solo as it would be with the Blue & Yellow Posse.


  2. Sigh, I miss being out there!!!! Ah hanging out for next week!!!

    Good read mate…you know how to make a boy on a bus very jealous…

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