Aimin’ for the bumps

If you’re going to ride from St. Andrews to Box Hill in the dark (which I did tonight) it would be worth doing it on a Lynskey.

With Open Pro rims, DT Revolution Spokes (28/36), Dura-ace hubs, carbon forks (including steerer) and full titanium frame it’s fair dinkum like riding a dualy. I ran into Luke Hanley after his Odysey and he mentioned that within a few days of riding his Lynskey he started aiming for the bumps.

After tonights ride I really get what he’s saying. It just soaks it all up.

The thing is, in the latest Ride Cycling Review, the flex tollerances of the Lynskey Helix were stiffer than most of the carbon bikes (except that stupid Dedicai thingo with chain-stays and big as down-tubes). So it’s stiff, and when you get out of the saddle to slam it up a little hill or something, it really goes… but the compliance on the road is still awesome.

So I took my wide load out to King Lake tonight, not leaving until 6pm. “Stupid”, some may say. But I was desperate after the missing 6am-er ride this morning due to rain. I also wanted to time Box Hill to King Lake for my commute on Wednesday.

One hour and three quarters spot on. That gives me half hour from KL to Dixons Creek for 7.30am in time for shower then conference at 8am! Beautiful.

Nice way to start the day as long as the boss doesn’t catch me snoozing at 2pm.

So Lynskey all the way. It’s a fair dinkum fantastic bike.


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