After some initial cold-shouldering by my good mate Bruce (The Claw) this morning, he eventually semi-forgave me for breaking his monopoly on Titanium and conceded to park his bike next to mine at the coffee shop.

Not the best photo but really… they did look pretty good together.
(How excited we get about pushbikes!)

The Lynskey served me well this morning on it’s first excursion to The Hurt Box. And it hurt of course – but geeez it was bloody good to ride.

It revels in the power from the top and soaks up the bumps from the bottom. Similar to steel but more compliant yet stiff enough to real in Trent for the sprint over 300 metres. Magnificent! Foggy just pipped me at the post I reckon but then, there is that issue over his new nic (more later – or not – maybe we’ll give him one more chance).

Yes… you know what you did. The Mist or The ###?

I am quite surprised at how good the new bike feels at the moment but there are still a few tests for it to pass. Some long climbs and fast descents will round out my opinion but at present, it’s good.

Sunday’s 6am-er ride brought many of us together for the bi-monthly run down the beach. At least seven guys were there who would not normally make it up to the hills and that’s the aim. Objective achieved. 22 riders headed out and it was a jovial day on a pleasant morning. Rocket’s ship was the highlight. Bloody hell – what opulance… and did he cop some shit. I wish I’d taken a photo.

The flexibility of my Lynsky frame and Shawie’s human frame were discussed however my blog cannot cope with such gutter talk. It’s on the forum!

A Two-Bays loop, A reverse Hell Ride loop, a visit to the post office for Cam and the trip there and back had most of us returning with 120 ks on the clock.

Testament to the 6am-er culture and fitness that many of us felt like we hadn’t done much at all.

Bring back the hills and bring on the Baw Baw.


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