Strathewan – 6th February 2011 – Two years on

The irony of this scene at Strathewan is revealed if you examine the flood damage along the banks of the creek. Two years ago (minus one day) this area was devastated by a natural disaster of another kind.

The local community had erected a small memorial on the bridge with sunflowers and photographs of those who died in 2009.

Our brief stop here was quite poignant.

6am-ers present: Diesel, Shawie, Smithy, Angles, Foggy, Cam, Dev, Dom, Geordie.
Guests: Heath, Gary, Nic.

I distinguish for reasons soon to be revealed.

Our ride out this morning was a wander through the quiet roads of North Warrandyte, Kangaroo Ground and Nutfield. Floods Road was quite appropriately named today. We had to dodge many driveways that had ended up in the middle of the road due to the high rainfall on Friday night. Gravel and mud had washed out of properties making it more appropriate for mountain bikes than road bikes at times.

Dev turned for home early and couldn’t resist heading back the way we’d come to tackle Pigeon Bank Road in the up direction. He later SMSed Smithy and I informing us it was a piece of piss. Not bad for an old bloke considering a number of 6am-ers have been known to walk up this climb (an unforgivable sin for a 6am-er).

Dev has put the challenge out this year to set the initial record for a 50 year old 6am-er in the Baw Baw (assuming he can beat the time set by Dr. Pete last year at 60). Good luck to all in the years ahead coz knowing Dev, the time will be good.

Now getting back to that distinction. Here’s this morning’s group after the KG-Warrandyte hit-out…

– no guests.

Here’s our group on Anderson Creek Road just out of Warrandyte…

– no guests.

Here come the guests; Heath, Gary and Nic.

Proof you must work hard to earn the 6am-er jersey!

As always, great company, great riding and something unique. A solid ride to a beautiful spot touched so significantly by the events of Black Saturday, two years minus one day ago.


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