Will I really be sitting at the desk tomorrow?

The last mountain bike ride was not enough for me of course. I had to finish with one last road-ride as well.

I headed out on the Alpine Cycling Club ride this morning at 8am from Cyclepath in Bright.

It was great to catch up with a few old mates. I don’t see Gary Meyland (left with beard) so much these days as he’s always in Adelaide for the TDU when I spend my biggest chunk in Porepunkah. He made the point today that the number of 6am-ers at the TDU was an impressive sight fully kitted out and riding in a group nearly every day. Gotta get there.

It was also great to ride with Aaron (club pres) today. I see him a bit but due to a recent altercation he had with a wallaby whilst descending Buffalo, it’s been a while since we’ve actually ridden together.

It was Aaron who I worked with on the front of the World Champs races which I discussed here. When we talk we still don’t shut up about our experiences back in October.

We climbed Buffalo today. It was a beautiful morning and around 9.20 or so whilst staring out at Bogong from Mackies, I thought about the fact that I’d be sitting back at my desk about that time tomorrow… surely not!?!

This was a lovely relaxing role and we finished with a Breakfast Burrito at the Rail Trail Cafe in Porepunkah –

– a fantastic way to finish a fantastic holiday. I was actually in a little bit (lot) of trouble for my late return today since we were heading home. But nothing beyond the marital skills of the average cyclist!

Jack was rapt when he finished loading the car and we were
ready to roll to Melbourne by about 1pm 

And here I sit, back in Melbourne and about to hit the sack for the daily grind tomorrow. Lucky I love my job as well as holidays!

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