Goodbye to Bright MTB for a while

I reckon I had a pretty good ride planned today for my final MTB ride of this visit. Meet Brendan at the shop at 4pm for a couple of hours of hard going. Then meet Guy back in town at 6pm for a couple more hours a little more moderate. Magic!

I managed to sneak this secret photo in the shop before we left. I don’t reckon he’d let me touch it let alone sit on it or ride it… so this is about the closest I’ll get to having a bit of fun with this brand-new full carbon Superfly 29er (dually, SRAM X-0, full Fox).

This is how it looks without me or all the other crap behind it –

– pretty nice.

This is how it looks going flat-knacker down Bakers Gully Road with Brendan on it
(not me unfortunately!) –

– pretty nice (except for Brendan of course… really, I don’t think he looks nice… just the bike).

So Brendan and I had a great hit-out with some pretty serious climbing involved. But it was sort of like cheating for him coz his bike was so good.

And really… I had a genuinely wonderful time on my Anthem too. It’s a seriously good bike and it’s performance on these trails never ceases to amaze me. It puts up with some really significant shit.

And later, all of Bakers Bully with Guy and a trip up to Huggins for a hoot down the new section of downhill provided by Cal Britten.

Heading up the top end of Bakers Gully
Huggins Lookout – for the perfect view of Bright

Seriously good company and seriously good fun.

We finished with a lap around the 6 hour course and a survey with photographs of the possible proposal of some trails to be named in memory of Guy’s brother Roger (which I talk about here).

Thanks guys for a wonderful few weeks of fantastic riding. Love your home.


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