Ride for Roger

Finally out with the Bright boys again. The Wednesday night mountain bike cruise. I love it –

I was a bit nervous after a week of feeling very flat (and ill) after my disastrous Alpine Assault last Sunday but my energy seemed good and I was pretty much riding back in the zone.

Ten minutes into the ride we stopped to regroup and reflect on the loss of local mountain bike stalwart, Roger Packham. Pete said a few words and we thereafter dedicated this Wednesday night ride to Roger.

Stalwart: Synonymous with strong. A loyal, reliable, and hardworking supporter or participant in an organisation or team. Having or marked by imposing physical strength. Firm, steadfast, and uncompromising. Physically and morally strong.

Sometimes people make a large impact on your life in a very small time frame. Roger was one of those and despite the relatively few times I had ridden with him and met him, I felt honoured to have known him.

Every word mentioned at his funeral this morning at Bright Lawn Cemetery reflected his strong, reliable and friendly nature. His mountain bike standing by the grave, his loved brother, best friend and cycling mate dressed in one of his favorite jerseys and the many cycling identities from around town confirmed his dedication to mountain biking.

But the words expressed by people from many other walks of life and the two hundred plus people in attendance was testament to the impact Roger had in so many ways.

So see ya later Rodge. It was an honour to be there to say goodbye and an honour to ride your trails this afternoon.

I look forward to riding one named in your honour in the very near future.

My thoughts with Jenny and your beautiful children. With Guy and his family who loved you so much.

Doogs, Cal, me and Brendon on Huggins Lookout overlooking Bright. Magnificent!

2 thoughts on “Ride for Roger

  1. Was good to have ya back mate.
    Some cool shots on what was a pretty emotional night.
    Roger was a special person and he will be truly missed in and around the Bright area.

    Happy trails Rog.

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