Caution for Alpine Classic Participants

Mt. Buffalo has changed in many ways over the years but none more so than after the flooding of September and December last year.

There were at least two days in September where Buffalo received rainfall of more than 160mm within 24 hours. This is what it did to the road!…

About 6k from the top (just below McKinnons Corner) – Less than a lane of bitumen left. The creek on the high side was never visible. Now it’s a rocky wide open bed like Eurobin (not a bad thing!)
This section is just a couple of k from The Gap. Some serious road rebuilding
will need to occur to make this all wide and safe again.
The power of the water here was pretty full on.

I’m not sure how they’re going to handle this in the Alpine Classic but I’m positive it will be with significant caution. So those descending… have a good look at those photos. There’s only one lane for both directions at three spots.


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