A quick summary

Not so in touch on-line whilst on holidays.

I hit The Hell Ride on Saturday for the first time in many years. Plenty of 6am-er/Cycleworks time on the front on the return trip. It was 30 degrees by 0900hrs though and I reckon I suffered from that for a few days.

Up to Bright last Sunday then both sides of Tawonga with Kel Boers on Monday arvo. We copped an unbelievably heavy storm half way up the Kiewa side on the way home that didn’t stop til half way down to Bright.

It was that heavy and wet that we might as well have jumped in the river. We got home to find it hadn’t even rained!

Three hours of Bright MTB trails with Brendon last night had me gasping. Kel had warned me he was fit but I figured we’d be going for a pretty flat, light cruise with Brendon on his single speed.

I was very misunderstood. I reckon we climbed at least 1500m in that 3 hours and covered nearly all the Bright single track.

The last few days it hasn’t helped that I’m virtually starving myself in order to loose a few k for the Alpine – oh, and this on Sunday –

http://www.alpineassault.com.au/ I couldn’t resist the temptation.

A very sad angle to this week though. A strong and entrenched member of the riding community up here passed away last night after getting very sick just before Christmas.

Many of the trails ridden by Brendon and I last night were cleared by Roger (Packham) and his brother Guy in recent weeks. Today Roger’s gone… just amazing.

Some of you may know Guy as the fella that runs the gift shop near the lolly shop in Bright (Duke you spoke to him recently). Both are top guys to spend time with and very fit and skilled mountain bike riders. A great loss.


One thought on “A quick summary

  1. Hey Diesel,
    That is very sad news indeed. My condolences to Guy and his whole family along with you. To loose faily & friends like that must be so shocking.
    Good Luck on the weekend & @ the Alpine.
    I look forward to hearing all about them on your return.

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