Always look on the bike side of life

Everyone likes a good ride to have a bit of everything. But at the end of today’s riding feast most 6am-ers had pretty much had enough of everything.

That’s not to put a negative spin on things, it’s just that our late return through Bunnings traffic was the bit we didn’t need(despite it being absolutely hilarious watching Horny suffer to the attacks of a number of other riders through the last few kilometres!!).

Even at Mitcham Brave was smashing it, Shawie was surviving, Bandit was satisfied, Duke was happy to have his man-cranks reinstalled, Smithy was home in bed, El Mantes was laughing (at Horny), Mist was doing his best attack impressions, Heath was off the back and two hours from home, the Autobus still had 20k to go, Bandit was in agony, Horny was swearing at Brave and I was still feeling pretty good.

All round fantastic day really.

We started the day with 18 riders this morning and the Melbourne weather put on a pretty good show. Most of us headed out to the Panton Gap loop whilst Murph lead a small group through a ride closer to the Nongs.

Our cruise out through Dairy Road and Don Valley was gorgeous. So much so that I had to resort to serious verbal abuse to get the rolling laughing bunch moving at the bottom of the Don Road climb. It worked.

We hit the climb hard and the gravel from the bridge saw some serious 6am-er power. A lovely climb with El Mantes taking line honours followed by me, The Mist and Horny full of excuses. Actually, Brenton and I rode the whole climb together with both of us attempting repeated attacks against the other in a force of wills. Neither of us won until I psyched him out by telling him his frame had a crack in it.

Top of Panton Gap

Shortly after the above photo was taken, Bender was thanking his descendents. If it wasn’t for that painful insistance from mum, things may have been just a little bit different…

The Invention
The Benefit
The Scene

A very lucky Bender and a very timely reminder that we need to be super careful out there. Bad luck mate but thank God you managed to survive with relatively minor injury and damage (although I’d love to see you share a photo of that beautiful brand-new phone!).

Our longer recovery coffee in Healsville hampered by three punctures on the way home meant we were back much later than normal. That clearly didn’t prevent the repeated attacks through the hills of Croydon, Ringwood, Mitcham and Bunningsville. What a hoot!

And The Mist still managed to ride down to Red Hill for lunch today. I bet he didn’t have a beer.

Just remember guys – never knock back a Slurpy after a smashing ride…

– and –
“Always look on the bike side of life!”

And Horny, this is for you…


4 thoughts on “Always look on the bike side of life

  1. Definitely a smashing ride. Tx to all for the assistance and keeping the sniggering to a minimum.

    Probably could have taken a better line on that corner. Next time.

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