I love Christmas Eve

A traditional day with the kids today (Christmas Eve) after a pretty soft cycling week (I’m sure that bit doesn’t concern them!).

In typical dad fashion, we leave our Christmas shopping for mum right to the last minute but I really do love shopping with just me and the kids on Chrissy Eve. We had a ball.

The Donc (Westfield Doncaster) was amazingly quiet, mostly due to everyone else being so completely organised. We got a park, took this photo (creativity provided by Jack) –

– then quickly got our pressies done and dusted before grabbing lunch in the food court. Love it!

When we rang mum to say we were coming home we were very clearly instructed to NOT(come home).

So off we went to Dairy Bell. As if we need an excuse for an ice-cream?
The kids were in fine form today. Getting along, not arguing, playing nicely with each other. Couldn’t really figure it out?!?

Jack was full of craziness, Lucy was totally brimming with madness and Kate was her usual totally cute self!

We had discussions about how our personalities were displayed in our ice-cream choices and eating habits…

  • Jack – caramel cream – mostly gone already, very organised, neat and tidy… so Jack really.
  • Dad – spearmint choc-covered with choc-fudge – very chocolate, lot’s of energy, heaps of variety but pretty organised.
  • Kate – orange sorbet – very pretty, lots of tang and delicately eaten.
  • Lucy – bubble gum – pink, pretty, messy but well contained in her usual cup.

20 minutes and 50 thousand calories later we headed home having properly gained permission to do so.

Karen out for food shopping quickly now…. then I’ll fit a ride in. Smith’s here we come – and if you’re out there D’Zilva, you’re a gonner.


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