Big MTB week

This week has been a big week on the mountain bike and the discs in my back are feeling it.

Monday night I rode home via my hoot of a commute. I’ve wacked my head on this branch about five times and it seems to be at a height where I don’t notice it in time before it tries to knock my block off.

I thought if I actually stopped, got off the bike and took a photo of it, I might remember next time that it’s going to get me.

Some work training days on Wednesday and Thursday meant that I got off a bit earlier than normal and was able to head out and give Han’s Loop a blast a couple of days in a row.

Three days in a row on the hard-tail have me walking around with a stoop like an old man!

Thursday arvo I took the road bike the long way home via Lower Plenty, Mt. Pleasant Rd, then Kangaroo Ground-Warrandyte Road for a bit of a hoot down my favourite bit of bitumen on my own (a bit like the last couple of times with the 6am-ers Horny!)…

Then this morning I’ve been out to Smith’s Gully with Mick and Al for a rip around the magnificent single track of Smith’s/St. Andrews.

I was determined to find and arrest that cop-stabber D’Zilva today out in the middle of the bush but he aluded us again. What a hoot that would be!

Al on the Rob Roy loop

My legs were a bit tired this morning after a pretty big week but it was a fantastic ride on some brilliant trail. Great company with Al and Mick and a fantastic morning in beautiful country-side.

This weeks summary:

  • Sunday – 3.5hr road – 6am-ers beach run
  • Monday – 1.5hr MTB – Hoot of a commute
  • Tuesday – 2.5hr MTB – Mullem and Hans’s
  • Wednesday – 2.5hr MTB – Bulleen and Hans’s
  • Thursday – 3hr road – into work and out via Lwr Plenty, KG and W’dyte
  • Friday – 45min road – into work
  • Saturday – 3hr MTB – Smith’s Gully

An all important week for Alpine Classic and Odyssey prep.


3 thoughts on “Big MTB week

  1. Rich, Thanks for the great ride today with yourself and Al. Thoroughly enjoyed it despite my lack of fitness. This is a beautiful part of what is the luckiest country in the world. Mick

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