Fellowship extraordinaire

It was a privilege this morning to be joined by the Tour of Bright Sprint King, Jeffrey Shaw. We were a sight to behold as we cruised down Nepean Highway and back for coffee in Black Rock.

Mostly a sea of blue and yellow but speckled with a bit of GREEN.

Shawie’s tales of the Tour tell a story of someone actually willing to have a go and chase some success rather than sit in the bunch and simply roll with the rest of them. All his points came in attacks and breaks. Nice work mate!

About 20 of us had a nice cruise down to Mt. Eliza this morning. A flat and easy roll – something a bit out of the ordinary for the 6am-ers.

It wasn’t until we’d got nearly all the way around the Two Bays loop that the hammer went down…

Suddenly the boys were chewin’ on the handlebar tape as Mrs. P came over us and started sucking us along on the back of her semi-motorised scooter thingy (without the motor).

You can see she was really cranky to have Big Gus breathing down her neck…

– and the whole group ‘strung out’ behind her!..

It was good to be joined by some not so frequent 6am-ers in Darryl, Back-cracker and Rocket…. oh, that’s right – Rocket never turned up! But these rides will become at least bi-monthly in order to gather together some of the old hats that don’t seem to join us too regularly in the hills.

A great 6am-er day of cycling and fellowship extraordinaire.


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