Rubber side up… woops!

This photo pretty much sums up the finish of a pretty crappy day…

A bloody leg and sitting on the side of the Eastern Freeway waiting for Karen and the kids to come and pick me up. Crap.

I was excited to be at Fatties again and ready to smash it up having had a rest day from the bike yesterday. I was feeling pretty good when quite early in the ride I washed my front wheel out in a soft dusty corner and went down like a bag o’ spuds.

It doesn’t look so bad but I could actually feel the skin ripping off my leg. Ouch.

A quick check of bike and bones and I was back on again with not too much of a problem.

Twenty minutes later I was sitting on Alex’s wheel along the most rocky bit of track on the trail. Because I was so close to him I couldn’t see to pick my lines well and was hitting rocks and bumps that I normally wouldn’t.

100kg on a hard-tail + rocky trail + picking bad line = torn up tyres

I tore a big hole in my rear, fixed it, flatted it, walked up to the freeway, rang Karen.

I’ve had trouble-free riding for months now. I wouldn’t say that it’s time something went wrong, but it doesn’t happen too often so hey… suck it up I reckon.

2hrs SS MTB


2 thoughts on “Rubber side up… woops!

  1. Wondering if the dually might actually be a more appropriate choice for fatties?

    Hope your leg is okay, looks like a good amount of blood got away.

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