One way to the top

… and it involved a lot of stairs. 1850 to be exact. Angela, Andy and I practiced high cadence (one step at a time) and I reckon it was the way to go.

The Eureka climb was this morning and we entered two teams from work plus me competing as an individual. The girls team, consisting of Sarah, Darce, Chloe and Kendra stuck together and supported each other all the way to the top.

Ange, Andy and I started within a minute of each other and all went our hardest. Andy and I both finished in about 13 minutes and Ange about twenty.

I haven’t caught up on Mark’s team results yet but I’m hoping they did well.

I was surprised at how much fun this was to be honest and I’ll probably have another crack next year. Now I have a time to beat I’ll have a clear goal… and three kids who want to join me!

Angela, Rich, Andrew
Darce, Sarah, Rich, Chloe, Kendra
Angela, Andrew, Darce, Kendra, Karen, Rich

Lucy, Kate, Rich, Jack


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