Raced Sandown crits tonight. Had a ball.

Felt very comfortable in the bunch and sat most of the time between 4th and 10th wheel. I went with a couple of attacks and break attempts and chased down many others. Felt pretty strong all the way around.

At one stage about half way through the race I initiated an attack myself. A couple came with me and we lasted a k or so hovering off the front. After we got caught I felt pretty smashed and said to myself, “Right, nothing else stupid now.”

Within a few hundred metres I’d forgotten what I’d thougt and went again. Got caught, felt even more smashed!

The race was very unfamiliar to me and I didn’t have a computer so I had no idea of time or finishing tactics. I attacked on my own on the second last lap (because noone else was silly enough to come with me) not knowing it was the second last lap!

I spent about half a lap off the front, got caught, felt smashed and had nothing left for what ended up a bunch sprint.

Bugger. Lessons learned. Knowledge stored.

Will know the time and how they finish next time.

Brave raced in B grade and came second. Nice one! In the money. I didn’t wait for the presentations (sorry Dave) and just made it home before dark.

Good fun. Will definitely head out there again.


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