Same Same

I read Neil‘s blog this evening and thought, “That’s me!”. His words reproduced…

“I’m still feeling tired from the weekend, my legs are sore and I’m not able to concentrate (as much as normal). Hopefully the next couple of days I can get some decent sleep in and feel like a “normal” human again.

Neil had done the Gravity 12 hr on his single speed in a two man team on the weekend. For good reason from separate races, we’re both feeling the same way. I was going to ride the North Road bunch in the morning but think I am better off taking the advantage of sleep if I can get it.

I may race tomorrow night – or maybe not. I must be getting old.

Good news to me though. I was actually 3rd on Sunday and have been promoted in the results. Not sure why yet. Pitty I didn’t actually get to stand on the podium… bugger.


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