Hoot of a commute with El Mantes

Today I met El Mantes (Brad James) on the MTB at the bottom of Walmer Street and we headed out on the trails for three hours of fun. Brad hadn’t been on a MTB for years but quickly found his old skills.

Just like riding a bike really!

The stuff away from Walmer Street and out along the river contains some of the more technical tracks around. It’s not the sort of thing I would take the 6am-ers on when introducing them to Yarra Trails but I figured Brad would possess the right skills. 6am-ers know he handles a bike well and that proved to be correct… a bit like Mad Mike last night. It sort of comes naturally to them.

The trails were in great condition, however the Yarra River was as high as I’ve ever seen it. Many of the trails down close to the river were under water and some of the sealed bike track out further east near Burke Road was completely flooded.

Great ride and great to have El Mantes company. Hopefully that 6am-er MTB won’t be too far off. Ready for a Cup morning ride up the nongs tomorrow. Nice.

3 hours MTB – solid
Hovering on 100kg

2 thoughts on “Hoot of a commute with El Mantes

  1. Absolutely mate but you know that little blurb up the top of my blog?!?… that's the issue. But seriously, I want to get out there and would love for you to give me a tour. I wouldn't have a clue where I'm going out there. Let's not leave it off the radar.

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