More unexpected pleasures

The 6am-er mountain bike adventure ended up getting off the ground in some small way this evening. Mick, Mick and I met at Schwerkolt Cottage late this arvo and hit the trails of Mullem Mullem for what turned out to be a pretty solid effort.

The conditions were super-wet of course but we thought we would get away without it actually raining on us. It appeared to be quite clear. Here’s our ‘before’ shot –

We didn’t get away with it and it ended up bucketing on us on a number of occasions through the ride. That added to the already soaked trails to cause this –

– and this –

Despite the water, it was one of those days where it was actually quite pleasant riding in the rain. We enjoyed the trails and enjoyed the company. This is us after a lap of Hans’s Loop… It has that smiling effect on you. Mick Shaw, a novice to the loop, was pretty happy with Hans!


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