Trail commute and clever kids

One way commute from work to home this arvo. Extended the route as much as I could and linked every trail I could think of that remotely headed east. Ran into the Fatties boys on the Burke Street footbridge and regretted not being able to join them.

Lucy’s first session in swimming squad and dinner for Jack at Pompeos to celebrate his fist successful music (Sax) exam. Such clever children!

2hrs MTB SS

Down to 99kg and getting excited about it – even Ricketts Point “climb” is easier!


One thought on “Trail commute and clever kids

  1. Wow, double figures, mate! The kegs fall off in the warmer weather. Maybe we should consider TOB after all? I reckon you could walk away with the Green Jersey, mate, I'll lead out for you. The billy goats and whippets wouldn't stand a chance! 🙂

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