Hoot and Hurt

I took the new Giant Anthem out yesterday for it’s first spin. Really good! Getting back on the dually made me realise how sweet it is to have a rear shock and how relieving for the back.

The 2×10 took some getting used to. I read something recently describing 2×10 as a ‘single ring with an escape’. That was fairly apt. I really really liked it and I do see myself spending most of my time in the big ring, especially when racing. It’s an amazingly efficient system and you can ride every cog on the back on either ring on the front. The shifting between big and little ring is a quick snap. Amazingly fast with the new four ramps on the big chain ring. I think I’m going to really enjoy it. The only thing that worries me is the steep climbing in a race such as the Odyssey. I know how much I use my granny there and still walk so it’s going to be interesting.

4+ solid hours of MTB yesterday… and loved it.

Today was the hurt box with a great group of 6am-ers. We moved along pretty well this morning too and this week I managed to significantly contribute (unlike last week when I felt like shit).

70k of road bike – most of it hard.

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