FCUK the blender

No place for this today!

Today was one of those days where I got home from the ride thinking, “That was just bloody fantastic!”

110 ks belted out with the 6am-ers in glorious conditions across magnificant country-side. What a ripper of a day.

Henty Road (Mist and sunshine… splendid!)


Yarra Glen – Kangaroo Ground Road

Fifteen of us headed out despite the racing options this weekend. Out through Warrandyte, Pigeon Bank Road then Henty Road. Down to Clintons Road, St. Andrews and up to King Lake.

It was good to see some guys today who we haven’t seen for a while. Smithy joined us before turning for home at Smith’s Gully and we were priveleged to be joined by these two wackers (below). Both felt they had to make excuses for not going so well, yet both were sitting in the front group on every climb! Go figure?

Pete and Simon

Smith’s for a coffee then hammer-time down to Warrandyte.

No time for the blender here. Fantastic!

Today was one of those days the 6am-ers exist for. Good solid riding, lots of climbing and heaps and heaps of fun.


2 thoughts on “FCUK the blender

  1. Here-here to that Rich,

    My only regret was that I couldn't do the whole ride. I had the 6amer 'Afterglow' going on too!


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