A soft weekend

I must admit I was just a little soft this morning. I had made numerous phone-calls yesterday talking Foggy into coming out with me this morning. The 6am-ers who were not heading to the “Not-the-Around-the-Bay-in-a-Day” ride were heading up the hills. “Join us”, I said, “It’ll be fun. ElMantes says the hills will be clear.”

Between mid-night and 1am I was wide awake listening to my 10 year old son coughing crap into a bucket continuously for an hour. An hour after that I was bumped out of my bed and banished to a single bed of about 5″6′ in length (I’m 6″2′). At least Jack was warm and comfortable and getting a nice cuddle from mum… in my bed! And he still seemed to cough all night, along with Kate in the bedroom just next to me. So that’s my excuse anyway!

5.20am the alarm went off. 5 seconds later I turned it off, rolled over and snuggled up to Jack’s doona.

So Foggy went and I didn’t. They headed to the hills and it rained all morning. Ha – I wish I knew a good way to giggle in writing…

I’m only this wicked coz he’s family!!
Some rest the last few days has been a good thing considering the amount I’ve had on apart from cycling. Having withdrawn from the Warny and then not ridden all weekend, I’m going to hit it hard this week. And the Dirt Works 100 only a few weeks away means lots of trails. Can’t wait.

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