Disappointment but hey… look at the weather

My decision on Wednesday to withdraw from the Melbourne to Warnambool came after much mental torture. Fancy withdrawing from such a race after such preparation and committment. Stupid? Well… no, not really –

  • One, I got home from work at 2am this morning after a 17 hour day
  • Two, Look at the bloody weather!

I’d be pulling your leg if I was to say I would rather have been on the road bike this morning racing to Warnambool in windy hail squalls. I have to admit my sense of relief as I lay in my warm bed listening to the rain and hail on my roof at about 7.30 this morning.

You poor bastards!

The Duke, Shawie, Brave and The Claw – tough men. I’m looking forward to hearing the stories.

It would be a very rare occasion for the conditions of the Melbourne to Warnambool to be worse than today. When you consider the weather of the World Champs a couple of weeks ago, we are in another world.


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