Back on the MTB… grouse mouse

I missed the mountain bike whilst in Noosa so it was great to get back on it in a big way this past week. The weeks riding?…

  • Monday – home via the Hoot of a Commute with a few extra loops thrown in – 2.5hrs MTB SS
  • Tuesday – Hurt box on the road bike with the 6amers – 75k 2hrs road bike SS
  • Wednesday – day off with Stu’s 70th birthday (father-in-law) then headed out to Fattie’s with a few extras before-hand – total 4hrs MTB SS with three hours hard
  • Thursday – home via the Hoot of a Commute – 2hrs MTB SS
  • Friday – into work via Hoot of a Commute – 2hrs MTB SS

An OMG what have I done moment this week. I entered the Warny. Not sure if I’m up to the hammer-time bit at the moment but I guess I’ll find out next Saturday.

And two bike rebuilds:

  • a temp road-bike frame to get me through until the new model comes in in a few weeks time – need to rebuild that today so I can get out with the 6am-ers to Gembrook in the morning
  • a new Giant Anthem frame with full SRAM X9 2×10 group – in the shop at Cycleworks being built today – I went and visited and am pretty excited

Remembering the ideal number of bikes equation where the ideal number is n –

n = Current number of bikes + one

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