The DOMS have set in early.. I sit here in significant pain.. Karen thinks I’m a sook.. The kids just reckon I’m getting old – I know it’s all just coz I got smashed this morning – and maybe the 3 k kayak.

But I had excuses, I fell over at the beach on the rocks yesterday.. I sprained by wrist.. I’ve had a big week.. I still weigh 102+ kilos.. I’m a bit tired.. Will got a flat.. two flats!

Totally smashed. That’s all that hapenned. The Sunrise Loop is not my kind of ride and I knew I’d be in for it from the start. As I said to AJ at the end, “I started in a negative place and I pretty much remained there.”

AJ said Andy Fellows started it. Andy reckons AJ started it. In any case, when you have a 2nd in the 24hr solo World Champs and a professional full-time triathlete fighting it out on front, it doesn’t give a 102 kilo 43 year old much chance of staying with them in the hills.

So I did an extra 70k after coffee just to teach myself a lesson.

Far out. I need to go to bed.

120k road – pretty hard!


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