More than just a bike ride

  • A flat for Brad less than three ks out of town
  • Nice tempo up The Range
  • Stu (the Grafton-Inverell gun) and I stretched the bunch out up the Cooroy Road for the next six k – Stu got the blame and a rocket from the P of the P – cool!
  • Pomona, close to Kin Kin, Black Mtn (more of that relentless undulating Sunshine Hinterland road), Sunrise loop
  • I nearly caused a crash going uphill due to my cleats completely wearing and pulling out of the pedal – poor maintenance… not normal and not so good
  • Brad gets another blow-out whilst descending at 60kph back down to the coast – very lucky to keep it upright – later discovered to be the tube protruding from the first slash
  • Coffee, coffee, coffee at Costa Noosa and a visit to Tim’s toy-shop to collect some second-hand cleats to get me through

A little soft in effort and distance today (only considering my Warny needs). 120 all up with a few extras on my own after the coffee shop.

Best thing about today?…

Prior to this, I was a bit of a scrooge about spending the money on a jet-ski and my kids thought I was a bit of a grump.

At the end it was me saying to Karen, “Got another 150 bucks?!?

We had an absolute ball and I couldn’t believe the jet-skiing skills and guts of my 10 year old boy!



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