Family reunions

Fossy and some other Melbourners got out a bit later this morning after the rain stopped. I couldn’t join them due to visitors coming later in the morning.

It was fantastic to catch up with Deb and Donna, two cousins on my real dad’s side. I see them far less than I should! Phil (their mum), Pete (Phil’s partner) and Makenna (Donna’s daughter) also joined us and we had a great chat and lunch.

Jack and I went for a quick run soon after lunch. About 1.5k killed me!… then later in the arvo I got out for a quick spin on the bike. I managed about 60ks of hard undulating country with some climbing repeats up The Range at the end.

I did it pretty hard and have a funny feeling I know what will now happen to me in the morning. Thursday morning Noosa bunch is fast and furious and without being here last week, I know it was hard coz Fossy and Foggy both found it hard to hang on. Will give it my best shot!

At the very least I’ll look like this at the end…

Wish me luck!


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