Noosa Sunday

The Noosa bunch Sunday ride is the bigger one for the week (as far as distance goes). We all felt we were luck to get one in at all as the forecast was for wide-spread rain to start Saturday night. Out of the 4 hours we were out Sunday morning, it rained for 15 minutes – and that 15 minutes was when we were in the coffee shop! Nice when it works out like that.

It was a fantastic ride taking in all Noosa has to offer. The Range, some good climbs, fierce undulating country roads followed by a high speed race up the coast to Costa Noosa. We were all pretty smashed by the time we got to coffee. Brad the bro-in-law and I finished it off with a couple of strengthy repeats up The Range, a four kilometre climb closed to traffic which is just out of Tawantin. That all put us in good stead for a rest day today. Lucky for a couple of reasons. One, it’s Brad’s wifes birthday so duty calls, and two, the radar looks like this.

Here’s all of Australia…

Here’s our little bit of it…

Noosa is in the bottome right corner. Fantastic.

We’re still having a ball though. We managed to get to the beach yesterday arvo and had a nice lunch at Sunshine Beach SLSC.

Today has been spent celebrating Julie’s birthday with Breakfast at Maddison’s down the road, a movie for a rainy day at Noosa Junction, then tonight we go to a pub down the road for Jule’s birthday tea.

Loving Noosa rain hail or shine.

125k road ride yesterday. Good solid ride with specific strengthy training at the end.

Rest today.


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