Sunny Queensland here we come!

Last day of work today for 18 days. That makes me very happy. So glad I can leave it all with such a gun crew!

So here we go…

…..yes – Tiger. We hope to be taking of at a scheduled time of 1045hrs tomorrow morning (wish us luck). Landing in nice warm Maroochydore airport we’ll be met by a driver to take us to our accomodation in Noosaville. Fantastic!

On Friday morning I’ll be set up and ready to smash out a nice long Sunshine Coast Hinterland tour with the Noosa bunch. Brother-in-law Foggy will be there along with my long lost friend Fossy (Dave Foster). He’s been travelling Oz with his family for the last four months and I’m really looking forward to seeing him and getting out on the bike together.

On Tuesday’s ride up there Foggy got dropped and Fossy just managed to hang on. Tuesday is the Sunrise Loop which is an hour and a half of high intensity Hinterland undulations. It’s definitely a smashfest and Foggy found out about it. I’ll give him a push next week!

For me today was a ride home from work on the single speed road bike. Only 45k but included 5 repeats of a good hill close to home. 1k runs of about a 1:30 gradient… hurts a lot.

Rest day tomorrow then whatever the Noosa bunch has in store for me on Friday.

Can’t wait. I’m hoping to do the Cycleworks brand proud up there Vlad! See you in a couple of weeks.


2 thoughts on “Sunny Queensland here we come!

  1. I promised myself at least once a week I would get back into Hill Repeats on the way home from work. I have a 1.5km loop with a short but steep hill hitting 20%. I aim to do that 7 times. Why 7? Maybe this is to off set the seven deadly sins? I all I know is that is hurts and by garmin graph doesn't do it justice. Seven humps of pain.

  2. Pain is a direct coefficient of effort! I like the 7 thing though… it's a very biblical number. So is 40 but I'm not going that far! Enjoy your next couple of weeks riding… join the 6am-ers soon after.

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