Hurt Box – North Road – Fatties

The 6am-er Hurt Box was a good hit-out yesterday morning. Only four of us to roll the turns most of the way around although The Claw joined us on the return leg after missing the bunch due to a flat. Later that night when he went to properly inflate his tyre, he blew the rubber through the rim having let the it wear nearly all the way through! A good lesson for those pushing these limits. Better that it happened in the house than in the middle of a hard turn on Beach Road (or descending the 1:20 for example).

Check those rims guys – it’s not worth it. And wemember I’m a weally good wheel builder. Here’s an example of a rim similar to what Bruce’s would have looked like prior to explosion. You can see why they eventually fold under 100+ pounds of pressure.

So yesterday… 70k of mostly good solid turns with 5x6am-ers.

Today I headed down to the North Road bunch to test my intensity levels (and ability). I was pretty happy to feel strong throughout the ride and was a driver of the bunch all the way back along the fast leg… which surprised me a bit. I’m intending to do the same thing tomorrow morning for the Thursday bunch so I guess I’ll find out if I was stong this morning or the bunch was slow!

Finished off today with a visit back to the Fatties MTB bunch finally. I’ve missed it tremendously. As expected I had an absolute ball and was well and truly wearing my happy MTB face again. There was a good bunch of seven to start and it was great to be winding through the single track with a snake of so meany high powered lights. What a hoot.

Today… 70k road (30 hard), 2 hours MTB mostly hard.

Tired – But happy!


One thought on “Hurt Box – North Road – Fatties

  1. Yep, good reminder regarding rims. I wish I had taken your advice last week as I blew a rim that very day. Someone was looking after me as it happened. Imagine blowing a rim desending Harris Gully Road north of Donvale. 70km/hr and then disaster.


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