Best Father’s Day ever!.. & King Lake alone.

Despite this…

…I kept going.

Then despite this…

…I still made it to the top!

As much as I’ve climbed King Lake a gazillion times I’m getting sick of doing it as a large vehicle. I’ve decided on some very measurable objectives today.

I had a nice sleep-in this morning (to 0715… woo hoo!) until I was woken by my three excited children bestowing me with presents and cuddles. Homemade cards with loving messages (i.e. “You’re the best dad ever!”) and smelly products purchased from the primary school stall were piled on top of me. Grouse. I was handed the paper in bed and lay for half hour looking at the pictures wishing I had a decent publication. Once I got to page 26 (a good fictional read) I gave up and threw it out the window then went downstairs for this…

Karen did most of it no doubt but Lucy definitely told her when to take the eggs off and Kate ensured the bacon didn’t burn. According to them they cooked it all and Jack poured the orange juice. I’m very lucky.

My frequent quip when asked if I accompany my wife and kids to church on Sundays is, “I like to worship on my bike!” This morning I ate my words as I’d promised my girls I’d go to kids’ church with them for footy day.

Later, Jack had a bowling party to attend so there was my chance! I hit the road for a quick lap of the King Lake round-a-bout on my own. I relish that time to think. Black Saturday and the subsequent months are the things which generally dominate. I spend a lot of time gazing at that Bald Spur ridge where so many lives were lost. I still remember many of the names and faces of those who died.

It’s not often that I spin on past Smith’s Gully. But today I did in order to get home in time to be swept away to my surprise afternoon tea location. I was asked “Can you guess where we’re going daddy?” about 100 time en route. It was clear we were heading for the ‘nongs and I know them pretty well but I couldn’t guess for the life of me where our arvo tea would be.

Then we were here…

Fantastic! The corniness of the Cuckoo is part of it’s attraction to me. That and the fact that it reminds me so much of my grandparents. Bavarian beer, Bavarian costumes and Kate playing the cow-bells with the house yodeller all contributed to a fantastic Father’s Day arvo tea. Oh… and the food – boy did we eat!

Lucky I did 100+ ks earlier in the day.

And the objectives? 102.5kg now… 100kg by Noosa (2 weeks)… 98kg on return (4 weeks). I’m sick of this large vehicle bullshit and sick of just talking about it. As if 98kg isn’t large?!?… but at least it’s better.

Sleeping, presents, cuddles, riding, food, beer and Cuckoo cookiness.

I’ve had the best Father’s Day ever!


One thought on “Best Father’s Day ever!.. & King Lake alone.

  1. Richard,

    My Fathers Day was all the better meeting you at church on Sunday. We were able to worship the foyer at least. I am quite happy to chat about our common form of idolatry…that is bikes, hills and flogging yourself on the Alpine Classic.

    Rod Clements

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