Perfect day for a mid-week Pav

I felt like I was riding on auto-pilot as I headed out on the road-bike to our famous training institution this morning. This was for my second day of compulsory training and it seemed to take me forever to wake up. Maybe it was because the change in routine had resulted in a much lower caffeine intake the day before… something I neither enjoy nor cope with.

I think our instructor caught me out a couple of times dosing off in the back seat of the class-room today. I’m not sure if it was because of my caffeine level or his lack of ability to engage. Luckily we were required to put ourselves through the beep-test a bit later on so that got my mind working. 6.10 was the level we had to achieve. Pretty soft I thought. It was a bit like soft turns on a Tuesday morning! (sorry guys, my arrogance gets the better of me sometimes).

In any case, as I had predicted we were dismissed early enough for me to squeeze in a mid-week arvo Paynter’s Pav. As the picture depicts, Jule’s naming of this ride comes from the profile of the top of a well-made pavlova. A bit like this only you’d have to go easy on the cream in the middle…

I was going to insert a link to the 6am-ers Pav page here but discovered we don’t actually have one. Gotta do something about that since it’s one of our most popular rides (Duke?.. or someone else with a Garmin… since I don’t have one anymore… woops!).

This is the general route although I went up the wall and down to Montrose today. The route in this map takes in Silvan….

Every six months I have to do this training. The two days of my life each time which I know I will never get back are usually somewhat compensated by a solid ride out to the hills after an early finish.

Luckily today was a perfect day for a pav.

I dropped in to Cycleworks on my way home. Vlad has worked his magic for me again and ensured replacement of my 3rd broken MTB frame. I should have it back soon with a brand-new SRAM group and brakes thanks to SRAM, Vlad and Cycleworks . Can’t wait! Bring on the next Chase the Sun race (4th race postponed now to a date to be fixed). Kinda good considering the weather.

Road ride – 120 or so k of undulating pavlova.
102.5kg until I got home tonight and threw down a kit-kat and a whole packet of lollies!

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