Oh dear – I’m feeling a little bit tired

It’s been a big week and the last two days have pretty much finished me off.

Yesterday I headed out the Yarra Trails with Mick. Some fast single track along the river and three laps of Hans’s pretty much had me in the blender…. Brad (El Mantes). I finished 2.75 hours on the SS last night and just about fell into the car.

Today saw me start with The Hurt Box and finish with my massive geared SS road bike searching for the flattest possible roads home. I was that knackered that I actually did quite a few more ks trying to find flat routes home rather than have to ride the 53/16 up any hills whatsoever!

It was nice to ride down from the city this morning with The Claw, Fabio and Mr. C. We joined the North Road bunch and I immediately got smashed with a cadence of 130+ heading down Nepean with a tail wind before meeting the 6am-ers for The Hurt Box. It was a solid effort this morning down to Mordy and back to the city although I feel we should be working just a little bit harder. There’s always plenty of room on the back for those who can’t maintain a harder rotation and I think we should be crunching the rotation down to about four or five riders at times when the hammer is down. Happy to take on the flack – bring it on – but remember… it’s SUPPOSED to hurt!

Apart from all the lights this morning, they were perfect conditions for the sprint today when riding one gear of 53/16. Block headwind is always good in that gear. Brad (brother-in-law) must have been a little tired too win today as he appeared to be standing still as I passed him with about twenty metres to go. I actually thought he must have dropped a chain, or got a flat, or…. something. Maybe try one of these…

Lovely email from Vlad at Cycleworks today… I’ve cracked another MTB frame. Just hoping everything will be ready to go again by Sunday week for the fourth round of Chase the Sun. Maybe I really should put more effort into losing that weight!

Yesterday – 2.75hrs SS MTB
Today – 70k NRB and Hurt-box – 30k torture home
102kg – 5kg too heavy


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