Motor pacing – " Intense frustration! "

From 0600hrs this morning. We tried a bit of this (although there wasn’t a lot of smiling!)…

Then copped a bit of this…

The Duke and I managed about 45 minutes of high speed behind Rocket’s wagon before we were arrested and handcuffed on the side of the Nepean Highway. Well not really, but we were certainly told in no uncertain terms not to continue. The cops were really good actually and it was pretty much impossible to argue with them.

We will have to reconsider our motor-pacing options for next time. It looks like we’ll just have to head out of town a bit in cars and smash it down a quiet country road. Very good high speed training though. It’s a bit of a buzz flying along behind the Rocket at 55-60kph. The surges in speed now and then (and depending on incline) were a perfect simulation of when the hammer goes down in the Warny. Bring it on.

So – about 50 k on the road bike including 45 min of high intensity. Not enough thanks to Her Majesty’s men but not a bad hit-out leading up to an absolutel 6am-er smash-fest tomorrow morning.


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