Calisthenics second prize… go girls!!

It was a weekend for road ks this week. My brother-in-law Brad and I were calisthenically frustrated today. From 9am to 1:30pm we were required to undergo the torture that is calisthenics. Both of us agree that if the concert went for a total of 15 minutes and only included our daughters, we would actually love it. But the fact that about 4 hours of my Sunday is taken up being absolutely bored shitless by other peoples daughters is enough to drive me absolutlely bonkas.

We needed to blow it all out so by 2.30 this arvo we were on the road. Park, Warrandyte and Jumping Creek Roads got us out to Lilydale then up through Yarra Glen, Christmas Hills, Kangaroo Ground, Warrandyte and home. Fantastic Sunday arvo blast through the hills and a good solid session.

Importantly, our girls came second in the district in the subbies division. Very proud!

90ks or so on a beautiful Sunday afternoon after some calisthenics torture! Backing up for me after 130ks to KL yesterday means I’ve had a pretty good weekend. Bring on the Warny.


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