Hoot of a commute with a little difference

A couple of invitations for beer today had me very tempted but I sucked it up and left work with a fairly common goal. Get home on the single speed linking all the single track for a hoot of a commute! Easy… and fun. I got about a quarter of the way home when I hear an almighty BANG!

My big butt had broken the big beefy bracing seat post bolt (say that really really fast 10 times).

My bike now looked like this…

Puny little bloody seat post bolts! Ripping off my training time again. I thought of the answer to my next question even before I’d formulated the question.

Answer – “No.”

Question – “Should I ring Karen, interupt dinner, get her to load three kids into the car and ask her to come and pick me up.”

So, I came up with a new goal. Get home on the single speed linking all the single track for a hoot of a commute! STANDING UP. Easy… less fun.

It was pretty hard, especially with a 32/16 gear standing up on the flat fast bits. Generally though, it wasn’t a bad skills session on handling the bike through the single track whilst standing all the time. I reckon I may have used a few different muscles which I may discover in the morning.

So… half hour on the SS sitting down. 2 and a quarter standing up.

As a bonus I got home and read my duties on the motorbike for the World Championships. They read as follows:

INFORMATION BIKE – Required for Road Race days only. The Information motorcycle operates within the race convoy, providing the UCI’s Radio Tour announcer with the information he/she requires throughout the race. The rider of the Information motorcycle also provides the information themselves without a passenger, operating with an integrated radio headset within their helmet. He should provide information on the composition of breakaway groups, the location of the race, dangerous hazards and time gaps between groups, providing team managers with information in which to base their race strategy on. The Information motorcycle should operate within the race convoy and throughout the race but make every effort not to impede, interrupt or affect the integrity of the race in any way. They should also avoid interrupting TV broadcast motorcycles from performing their role.

Gotta love that! I’ll see if I can paint the bike up in Cycleworks colours Vlad!


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