Hurt box Tuesday and Two Bays Wednesday

Two days of 5am start and I’m now pretty shtoofed! I should expect that with one rest day then two days of hard efforts after a 7 hour enduro on Sunday.

Tuesday – I met The Claw and Fabio on the Clarendon Street bridge at 5.30 before heading down to join the 6am NR bunch to Rowans Road. We picked up the large group of 6am-ers and joined the turns from the highway to Mordy then St. K. I’m loving this ride but questioning the benefit when I’m missing the high intensity work-out I would get in the NR bunches. I know without that I will not survive the Warny… so more thought required! Without getting the benefit of super hard intervals in road racing, I think I need to join the boys on the front of the NR bunch for a few weeks.

As always, a fantastic breakfast with everyone in Albert Road. Love the company of the 6am-ers.

Wednesday – Today I met The Duke, Boris and Brave at the 6am North Road. We all cruised (as they do on a Wednesday) down to Mordi then Duke, Brave and I joined about 10 others for the longer trek down to Mt. Eliza and the Two Bays loop. It was a good group. Steggles, Danny Kah and Snowy (Brendan Rowbotham) amongst them so it was solid. Nice strong fast turns down to Baden Powell Drive then fast efforts up all the climbs. I got left behind heading up to Canadian Bay but smashed down the drop and got a head-start up the next climb. The turns back were very solid and diminished the group down to four riders at times with the others chewing the bar tape trying to hang on. Duke, Brave and I were pretty proud to have survived most of it.

A great solid ride of 110k and at the desk by 10am having fit in a nice couple of coffees with Brave and Duke.


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