Never dug deeper

I stayed clean very briefly today.

Half way through the first lap I knew this race was going to be very hard for me. By the end of the lap I had to suck it up even to continue (not really, but I felt a little bit like that!). Four steep stints of climbing and a general feel that the lap was all uphill. Not the best race for me (still 103 kg and undisciplined).

Not only that, but there was heaps of fire trail and bugger all single track. I’m relatively quick on the single track so feel a bit ripped off when I don’t have that opportunity.

By halfway through the second lap the showers started and an already muddy course turned to absolute slush. There were some sunny times during the day but the whole 7+ plus hours was mostly raining. By the four hour mark it was absolutely horrible. Some sections had to be diverted and closed and many sections that are usually a real hoot were miserable. Fun.

Chain suck was a managable problem by lap three and by the end of my 5th lap (3rd last) my rear derailer was stuffed so that I couldn’t get off the 32 tooth and I had virtually no front brake. Woo hoo! Lucky I was knackered. What fun.

The decision to commence my 6th and 7th laps was hard. I really did want to stop and my bike was working like a bucket of crap. I don’t say “Never dug deeper” lightly but fair dinkum… I’ve never dug deeper. At least I was still smiling at the end…

I tried to do the Cycleworks brand proud today but a little disappointed in 6th place. Not too bad though considering the style of course and it’s lack of suitability for me. Will have to study things a bit closer to see how I may stand up in the places for the series if I do well in the 4th and final one.

I’ll leave you with this magnificant self portrait…

Mick retired on lap four with a brand-new smashed to bits derailer. I last saw Angles on the side of the track on about the 5th lap with his bike upside down… it looks like that was it for him. Geordie and his mate Craig made it through 6 laps in the Just good friends pairs category.


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