Too many fluids

Melbourne, in particular Mt. Dandenong, at 0845 this morning. The prediction made from my one-eyed half-asleep view of the radar at 0530 this morning was correct! I stayed in bed.

Very annoyed that Mother Nature has ripped me off a good days training again. Might go for getting it back with lights on the MTB tonight, sloppy though it will be.

The vice around my head and the tap running out my nose is another issue. As much as it pains me to have three days off in a row, maybe that would be the sensible decision.


3 thoughts on “Too many fluids

  1. Soft alright Mr 43 year old married with three kids who works full time and tries to stay reasonably competitive on a bike. You are getting old. I did the King Lake loop (in reverse). It was dry until I got to the bottom of the Humvale hill. From then on it rained rained and rained some more all the way home. I can report that the new knicks are wet weather friendly. I think for the first time ever, I now own a pair of knicks that don't attempt to saw my ar$e in half when I ride.

    Pleasant it not was but I have a 110 k's in the bank and a filthy bike.

    Enjoy your day off Mr Marshmallow,


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