Full Gas

Went long this morning with The Duke… finally (and Mick Day, Steggles, Dennis the Oz champ and others). Good strong bunch rolling turns down to Frankston then everyone got smashed around Two Bays by Steggles and Duke. I was pretty happy to be third to the top out of 8 riders and not too distant from those two. Wayne and I cut our original two loop plan down to one in order to return to Melbourne with another five or so riders. Too tempting to come back with a solid group, although I didn’t appreciate the waft from the rider who happened to be in front of me down one side. How can someone stink so much and not be aware? Both Duke and I noticed the bike was putrid (a bit like The Claw’s) and came to the conclusion that this fella was just a dirty dirty man!

I reckon my massive Cycleworks bannered backside would have been clearly noticed by riders at a distance of two feet through at least 150 turns!

Finished with a coffee at Gas in South Melbourne and still managed to be firmly planted behind the desk at 9:30am with 120k in the bank.


3 thoughts on “Full Gas

  1. Nice work on the blog Rich….very impressed! And also very impressed with the full lycra!!!!! Hope you're doing well in the wild world of VicPol media. Fee 🙂

  2. So there's still a few hard core guys going long on Wednesdays? It's been tough winter! Been a few years for me now, I miss that ride.

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