The Kinda Hurt Box

The 6am-er Hurt Box?… Mmmmm… kinda hurt.

Nice smooth rolling turns this morning with at least 8 contributors. Those involved have clearly been doing this for a while together now as the standard of skill involved was a mile better than our efforts of six months ago. Really nice and a pleasure to be in the company of such a fantastic bunch of blokes. The coffee shop was full this morning, and as much as I feel sorry for those who are there for a quiet morning coffee, I reckon the owners must work their weekly budget around the arrival of the 6am-ers on a Tuesday morning.

Shawie conducted a Winners Bar promo-shoot today and lots of excitement around the new gear El Mantes has organised (right). I can see a pretty big order going in. Nice to know this morning wasn’t enough to put El Mantes in the blender! Love it… in the blender. The Wall can do that to you after 120k.

1.5hr home on the single speed struggling up some hills in the 53/16 pretty much put me in the blender for tonight but hopefully I’ll be up for an extended Wednesday morning with The Duke.

95k and about 3 hours.

103kg and diving.


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