6am-er Smashfest Sunday

It was intended to be a big one today. The 6am-er Pav followed by a circuit of the Macclesfield road-racing circuit then coffee at Emerald. The perfect Warny Warmer that didn’t disappoint. Seven of us saw a return from Emerald via The Wall with 150ks in the bank and very tired legs. No doubt most of us will be spending a bit of time on the couch this arvo (as I am now).

Great prep for my next CTS race too, where I’ll be trying to represent Cycleworks as best I can. Five hours on a road bike doesn’t equate to five on a MTB though! Some may beg to differ… they’d be wrong.

Diesel, Shawie, Brave, El Mantes, 21 Tooth, Mangoes and The Claw saw the lot. Mad Mike went home early from our first run through Emerald after feeling a bit smashed (MM – try more than 100k per week… although it’s amazing how you go on that).

150k – 4.25hrs – Hard turns and lots of climbing.


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